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At Trusler Medical we are able to offer the best  technical solutions available from multiple manufacturers, ranging from  consumer home light therapy to the next generation class IV laser. We  provide guidance on purchase decisions based upon your needs and where  you want to grow in the future. With this ability to select different  products from different vendors you are able to enhance quality of care with the highest possible return on investment.
We work with you in your clinic providing on site clinical demonstrations, training and marketing material to  effectively implement laser therapy. Learn how to use the therapeutic  equipment to treat more difficult conditions as well as decrease  treatment times. Explore the benefits of this innovative technology to  see the effects firsthand by treating staff, patients and yourself. 

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K-Laser USA Founder and CEO Dr. Richard Albright announced today the new company name, Summus Medical Laser, in a strategic initiative reflecting a market leading position of excellence in laser therapy. The move comes as the organization’s worldwide medical laser sales continue to rise and it offers new technology ...

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